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Welcome to our website. Syncsoft is the owner and developer of the Capital superannuation administration platform.

Our technology focuses on automating and streamlining administrative processes in superannuation. A significant part of that automation is surfaced via a rules based automation engine, integrated document management, workflow, business intelligence, performance metrics, a case management approach to the client service centre and more recently the development of mobile capabilities through iPhone integration.

Our vision is to use technology to its best capability, to be smart about automating as much as is practicable and to seamlessly empower both administrators and members.


Syncsoft started in 1990 with the first client being Westpac Bank, one of Australia's four major retail banks. The company has grown since then to be the major system provider in the superannuation space with clients such as Westpac/BT, Pillar Administration, the Government Employees Superannuation Board (GESB), ComSuper, AMP NZ, Super SA, and UniSuper.

As CEO of Syncsoft Rory Wainer has more than 20 years of experience in the superannuation and wealth management industry and has grown the business into a leading provider of enterprise grade administration software used by major wealth management companies.

Many of the senior management team and development team have more than 20 years experience in the industry and access to that experience has been of fundamental value to our customers.

We believe that great technology is an enabler and this underscores our thinking that if you give people great tools, they can do remarkable things. Coupled with this, we invest in our relationships with our customers by ensuring we listen to and understand what it is that our customers need to be successful within their business environment. We believe our challenge is to continually innovate and to extend our technology to keep our customers both profitable and competitive.


JUL 2014
Link Market Services New Zealand, a share registry and financial services provider, has tasked Syncsoft with a new project, deploying the Capital registry and ancillary systems for their new business initiative.

OCT 2012
We are currently underway with one of our biggest projects for some time. We will update this website nearer completion.

JUL 2010
Westpac/BT converted 500,000 members to Capital Package, providing additional features and lower costs of ownership.

JUN 2010
The Virgin Super take-on project with Pillar went live in June with a high online-technology and low member fees model.

JAN 2009
Syncsoft continued its development of a services based, admin system that would provide a low cost of ownership, lower costs for integration with ancillary systems such as CRM, easier BI data access and portals to provide self-service admin capabilities.

MAR 2008
Super SA (South Australian Government)will use Syncsoft's Capital software to administer 2008/2009's first pay period for its pensioners in their 170,000 member fund. SuperSA funds have been awarded platinum and gold ratings.

DEC 2007
KiwiSaver, the New Zealand work-based savings initiative of the NZ Government went live for Syncsoft's AMP NZ client on the 1st of October. KiwiSaver is a voluntary national scheme where employees elect to contribute 4 or 8 per cent of their gross salary. AMP NZ is one of the default providers for the scheme.

APR 2007
GESB, Western Australia's largest retirement benefits fund with an $10 billion investment portfolio, launched GESB Super, a new flagship scheme developed in response to the Commonwealth Government's superannuation changes, using Syncsoft's Capital administration.


The Capital Smart Platform currently administers the following fund and product types.
Industry Super | Defined Benefit | Defined Accumulation
Master Trust | Public Sector / Government | Personal Pension Account
Unit Trusts | Group Life | Salary Continuance

Our central motivation is to assist our customers in being able to significantly reduce the cost of administering funds by employing rich automation capabilities that provide for a highly efficient "exception processing" workflow model. Web services have been employed to gain benefit from the ability to interrogate the business logic of other systems that may share a process with Capital and our integrated Smartphone platform provides engagement, efficiency and immediacy to a member's experience with their fund.

For administrators, Capital provides a complete end-to-end solution encompassing a customer centric, configurable, core administration system, full web portal services for members and employers, document management, workflow, performance metrics, an analysis and reporting solution and the ability to fully engage members with an integrated Smartphone application. Capital will also easily scale to in excess of 1 million members.

Our design intent has been to provide our customers with an integrated solution for all core business capabilities needed to administer retirement benefits funds. For those customers who feel they don't need the whole 'footprint', Capital is componentised so that customers can choose to have the registry component only, for example, and integrate it with their in-house workflow and document management systems. Our approach is flexible. The aim is to add value to our customer's business.

In summary, Capital has a 20 year history of advanced business based technology development in the wealth management sector. The suite of retirement benefits products offered within the system reflects a rich product functionality. The automation capabilities and the integration of our Smartphone application provide a hint of what the future holds in the administration space. The choice of architecture, and the technologies used specifically address the issues of cost of ownership, the need for scale, rapid time-to-market for new product offers, and the constantly changing needs of customers and legislators. Our design intent is to capture efficiency and to future-proof our customer's investment.


SuperStream Gateway

Rules based Automation Engine

Workflow Engine – validation rules, confidence limits, allocation of tasks, exception
handout to operator intervention

Document Management System


Business Intelligence Reporting (BI) - Data Warehouse Extracts, Adhoc Reporting,
Graphic – "slice & dice"

Reports Management - Standard (MI) Reporting

Correspondence Management

Mobile engagement (iPhone)


Pillar AdministrationPillar is one of Australia's largest third party super fund administrators. Pillar manages around two million member accounts and operates within a multi-scheme, multi-employer environment. Pillar is one of few large administrators able to manage defined benefit, accumulation, allocated pension and eligible rollover funds.

BT Financial GroupWestpac/BT is one of Australia's biggest retail banks. BT is the largest administrator of superannuation, retirement and investments in Australia (measured by funds under administration), with more than $95 billion in total investments.

BT's core business is providing investment, superannuation and retirement income products, investment administration services, financial advice and insurance solutions through a range of leading brands.

BT Financial Group is the wealth management arm of The Westpac Group. Westpac has been delivering banking and other financial services to Australians since 1817.

Government Employees Superannuation BoardGESB manages $13 billion in assets, administering the super and retirement of current and former WA public sector workers.

GESB is a WA Government Statutory Authority, with over 70 years experience and delivers above market investment returns for the vast majority of members, combined with some of the lowest fees in the industry. At the same time, GESB is rated as a top-ten super fund in Australia and is ranked in the top 300 funds globally.

GESB's superannuation and retirement products have also received the highest ratings from leading research agencies Chant West, SuperRatings and the Heron Partnership.

UniSuperUniSuper is Australia's largest education sector superannuation fund. UniSuper is the industry super fund dedicated to all who work in Australia's higher education and research sector. With more than 450,000 members and more than $28 billion in assets, UniSuper is one of Australia's largest superannuation funds.


Australian Government ComSuperComSuper are an Australian Government agency responsible for administering the major superannuation schemes available to Australian Defence Force members and the majority of Australian Government employees.

ComSuper provide superannuation administration services under authority from the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation who is responsible for the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS), Public Sector Superannuation (PSS) scheme, Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan (PSSap), Military Superannuation and Benefits (MilitarySuper) scheme and the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits (DFRDB) scheme.

These schemes are amongst the largest and most complex occupational superannuation schemes in Australia. There is a combined membership of over 687,000 contributors, pensioners and preserved benefit members.

AMP New ZealandAMP NZ One of the largest default providers in the national New Zealand KiwiSaver Scheme. AMP is a wealth management company that provides quality financial advice and a broad range of products to customers through a team of over 350 AMP Accredited Advisers.

AMP operates primarily in New Zealand and Australia. With approximately 372,000 customers in New Zealand, AMP is New Zealand's largest provider of workplace savings schemes and a default KiwiSaver provider.

Super SA BoardSuperSA is the Fund Administrator for South Australian public sector employees.
SuperSA consistently win industry awards in the areas of value, service and communications.


Fiona Abercrombie, CIO Pillar Administration - "Pillar runs highly efficient administration systems for a number of superannuation funds and now has 1.3 million members running on Capital."

Pillar Administration - "Pillar has been a Syncsoft client since 1998. Capital provides a cost effective and fully featured software solution for administering both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution fund types, and with 9 different funds under administration what has been important for us is the leverage and capabilities we have obtained from the IT platform."

SuperSA - John O'Flaherty, chief executive of the South Australian Government's superannuation fund Super SA, said he was impressed by Capital's outstanding processing speed, security and reporting features as well as SyncSoft's experience with other government clients.

GESB - Jason Smith, GESB IT Development - "Months of hard work culminated with a successful systems implementation of GESB Super over the weekend, with the major activities completed ahead of schedule early Saturday afternoon. This was a sensational team effort by all parties given the amount of change to be implemented and the number of GESB partners involved. I'd like to say many thanks to those who were either on site or on call over the weekend, or otherwise involved throughout the project to ensure a smooth transition. Your efforts are very much appreciated."

AMPNZ - "In December 2004, AMP NZ launched its new AMP Investment Suite on the latest version of the CAPITAL Package. The AMP Investment Suite provides a full range of Unit Trust options and confirmed AMP NZ's confidence in the CAPITAL platform for its new initiative".


Our implementation approach is to provide a base system that can be configured for the identified requirements that make up a customer’s unique approach to their business, map web services to external systems that share or contribute data or business logic and partner with our customers in surfacing the business outcomes that the project must meet.

We also encourage a close working relationship with our customers in testing the configuration so as to ensure reliability of requirements, a transfer of business and technical knowledge well in advance of a go-live.

Business support in the form of training and documentation is provided as part of the project and contractual maintenance and support agreements dealing with agreed service levels are included as part of the annual license fees agreement

As part of the configuration effort in a project we have found that a workshop approach is extremely valuable in surfacing a shared understanding of the breadth and depth of those business requirements that are more critical to a successful outcome.

Data migrations are generally regarded as one of the most important parts of a system implementation. Experience is perhaps the single determinant of success in this undertaking. A migration requires knowledge of many systems and how each system manages data. It requires an understanding of how the system to system mapping is to be constructed and it requires a high level skill to deal with the complexities and scale of the process. Our experience over the years covers more than 40 data migrations, each of which has been unique in some way and each has contributed to our stored knowledge of best practice in this area.


Maintenance and Support from Syncsoft means a professional level of support through dedicated customer account managers whose primary responsibility is the successful ongoing business and technical partnership between Syncsoft and our customer.

We provide our customers with service level agreements that are structured to provide surety, continuity and responsiveness.

We also provide a legislative compliance programme to mitigate legislative risk for our customers.

Syncsoft provides professional implementation services as a cornerstone to an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. Our experience in implementations of both complex and simple funds is extensive and because we have a low turnover of staff we enjoy an inherently rich bank of onboard experience. These are important factors that contribute to our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.


We have a number of projects currently underway:
We are undertaking a major implementation project with one of our customers and updates will be available closer to go-live.

Smartphones - Member Engagement and Mobility - Member engagement has always been a difficult challenge for the industry and as we have seen growing uptake for mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android Smartphones, we applied a technology solution by building an iPhone application and integrating it within Capital. For members it's what we call "having your super fund in your pocket". For administrators we see that it not only grows loyalty and engagement with members but it can also be used as an efficient single source of truth. Where a member updates details or requests an investment switch, data is created and executed once as a single event and as a single source of truth. It is a smarter, faster, more efficient and more engaging interaction.

Automation - Whilst a totally automated solution is nirvana, it is still almost achievable. We have put a lot of work into an automation framework that delivers extraordinary efficiency gains and we believe can be justly described as the “Smart” way of doing administration. Automation enables management by exception, routes tasks to particular people or destinations and does away with effort that does not offer added value to the administration process.

Automated Testing - We are providing automated testing capabilities so that much greater and more rigorous testing can be done over a smaller time frame. Results are showing that the cost of ownership decreases markedly through faster time to market capability, greater quality of code and the affordability of a broader range of testing scenarios. The final part of this project has been designing the front end as an Excel based, business analyst friendly tool. The results have been very good.

SuperStream - While the standards for SuperStream have changed and the dates for implementation might change we have been busy building the messaging capability into Capital so that whatever high level architecture is used, Capital will be ready.


Westpac/BT In 2010 we undertook a project with Westpac/BT to convert 500,000 members to Capital Package to increase the functionality available to the business and to lower the cost of operations.

Pillar Administration in 2009 undertook a project with us to implement Virgin Super onto the Capital system and provide members with a low fee and high technology super fund model.

SuperSA in 2007 were looking to replace an existing pension administration system that would in future be unsupported. The project involved the customisation and configuration of the new replacement system, data migration of the existing members, installation of the new system, re-establishment of existing queries, connectivity with required interfaces, testing, documentation, and training (Implementation Services). We commenced the project in February 2008, Capital went live on the 1st of July 2008, and we completed the project by 30th September 2008.

AMP NZ in 2007 turned to us for a solution that would enable them to be a default provider for the KiwiSaver Scheme,a national savings initiative. We commenced the project in February 2007, the go-live was October 2007, and the project was completed by December 2007. The latest numbers for KiwiSaver membership stands at just over 1.1 million.

GESB in July 2007, Western Australia's largest retirement benefits fund launched GESB Super, a new flagship scheme developed in response to the Commonwealth Government's superannuation changes. The project commenced in March 2006 and went live in April 2007. GESB Super has more than 300,000 members, approximately $10 billion under investment, and has recently been awarded for their quality in annual reporting.


We are headquartered in Melbourne, a short distance from the CBD and 30 minutes from Tullamarine (Melbourne) Airport.

Address: Tower 4, 727 Collins Street, Docklands VIC, Australia 3008.

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We maintain staff in each of these major cities as part of ongoing projects we have with our customers, and as part of our Account Management engagements.



Synchronised Software
GPO Box 4366,
Melbourne VIC, Australia 3001

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