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Capital is a suite of applications that together provide a complete superannuation fund administration solution. Accessible via any modern web browser, Capital can be hosted on premise or within the Cloud.

Web Browser User Interface (Capital Web)

Users can interact with Capital using the Capital Web Interface (UI). Capital Web can be accessed via most HTML5 compliant web browser. No extra installation of client-side software is required.

Job Service

High performance tasks can be run in the background on another machine using the Job Service. Users can continue their work and be notified when their background task is complete. This feature is great for long-running reports or scheduled tasks.


Organizations can integrate with Capital via an easy to use REST API. This fully documented API allows third-party developers to extend Capital functionality.

Gateway Adapters

Capital integrates with Superstream (ATO) and the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD). SyncSoft can integrate either directly to the ATO or IRD. Alternatively, SyncSoft can provide a hosted service.


SyncSoft has successfully integrated Capital with many different investment schemes within Australia and New Zealand including KiwiSaver, Defined Benefits, Pensions, Industry Super, Master Trust, Public Sector / Government, Account bases and lifetime Pensions, Unit Trust, Group Life and Salary Continuance.


The following are some key features of Capital.

Ad-Hoc Reports

Users can use standard SQL to query the Capital Data Model (CDM). The CDM provides the ability for users to query data and export the results to an Excel workbook or design a print-run using the inbuilt StimultSoft Designer. This ability to query the CDM using SQL is also available via the REST API. The CDM can be customized by SyncSoft to safely expose any data required by an organisation.

Global Search

Users can quickly navigate to any Member of any investment product stored within Capital using the Global Search feature. This feature is handy for call center environments where users want to quickly access Member information within a few easy steps.


For the purposes or security and accuracy, many organizations require the use of custom workflows for sensitive business operations. Capital provides an inbuilt workflow engine that can be customized by SyncSoft for any organisations needs.

Active Directory Integration

System Administrators can integrate Capital with their Microsoft Active Directory installation. This feature allows users of on premise installations of Capital to be managed by Active Directory thereby removing the need to store passwords, create and remove users directly within Capital.

Custom Branding

System Administrators can brand their Capital Web UI to match their organizations colour scheme and logos. Branding tools are provided via Capital Web and require no coding or external utilities.


SyncSoft can ship custom functionality to organisations outside of standard releases by leveraging the Capital AddOns Framework. This Framework allows SyncSoft to build custom Capital screens, REST API endpoints and background tasks making Capital extremely flexible and ready to undertake demanding requirements.

System Requirements
System Requirements

Server Requirements
.NET Framework 4.7.1

Windows Server 2016

Internet Information Services (IIS) 10

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Please note that the following information is given as a guide only. Specific installation requirements will differ depending on the number of users, membership sizes and business requirements.

12GB RAM, 2GHz Quad Core Processor, 5GB storage required (recommended SSD).

Client Workstation Requirements

Microsoft Edge, FireFox or Google Chrome

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